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Private Instruction

 What do you teach in private lessons?
Almost anything goes! Garment sewing, patternmaking, home decor, quilting, embroidery, formal wear... the list goes on! The instructor will discuss your project with you before meeting in order to make your experience as productive as possible.

There is an exception to the "almost" -- Sewing Arts Center, its extraordinary staff and its talented instructors recognize the time and effort that is represented in the finished work of all inpiduals, and are respectful of the intellectual property of those who develop, design, sew, manufacture and sell their products. Under no circumstance will an instructor at Sewing Arts Center teach you how to design, manufacture, sew or otherwise develop product that is copyrighted or trademarked, nor will the instructor teach you how to "knock off" designer goods.

I'm not sure which instructor will be best for my project. Can you help?
Sure! The information provided about our instructors above gives just a cursory overview of their talent! Give a call to Sewing Arts Center and one of the staff will be quite happy to assist you in determining which instructor is right to facilitate the successful completion of your sewing project.

When may I schedule instruction?
Private instruction is scheduled based upon instructor availability, and is scheduled during normal business hours. Call Sewing Arts Center at 310-450-4300 for availability!

How do I make an appointment?
Call Sewing Arts Center at 310-450-4300. If your instructor is unavailable to speak with you, a member of the Sewing Arts Center staff will be happy to relay a message to the instructor on your behalf. The instructor or staff member will get back to you within 24 hours.

How much are lessons?
Dependent upon the instructor and the instruction provided, private instruction is $90 per hour. A non-refundable pre-payment equal to one hour of instruction is required at the time of enrollment. This deposit will be applied to your appointment for instruction. We take our responsibility to you for timely and professional instruction seriously. Please be respectful of the instructor's and other students' time. Regardless of what time you arrive for your scheduled appointment, private instruction commences at the appointed time, and is billed based upon the commencement of your scheduled appointment - not your late arrival. Should you need to reschedule, 24-hour notice is required. Without 24-hour notice, your deposit will be forfeited. No exceptions.

How long are the lessons?
The initial appointment for Private Machine Instruction is billed at a minimum of one hour. The initial appointment for Private Sewing Instruction is billed at a minimum of two hours. Subsequent appointments are scheduled for one to three hours. In all instances, any time in addition to the minimums addressed above is billed in 15 minute increments.

What should I bring with me?
You will need a basic sewing kit*, plus any additional items you may need to complete your project. You will also need access to a sewing machine. You are welcome to bring your own if you are conversant with it. (Machine Instruction is provided ONLY in Machine Instruction sessions.) Be certain it is cleaned, oiled and running smoothly, and that you bring all of it's accessories, including feet, bobbins, foot control and power cord, Alternately, you are welcome to utilize one of our classroom machines at a fee of $25 per session, for which your Instructor will provide basic tutoring.

* A basic sewing kit consists of the following: Gingher 8 Inch Dressmaking Shears; Gingher 4 Inch Embroidery Scissors or Equivalent for Trimming Threads; Paper Cutting Scissors; IBC Glass Head Pins; Clover Long Handle Seam Ripper; Collins 2 Inch x18 Inch Clear Ruler; Clover Triangle Tailor Chalk or Chaco Liner; Fiberglass Tape Measure; John James Hand Sewing Needles; Viking Class 7 Bobbin if Utilizing a Classroom Machine; Schmetz, Klasse or Inspira Sewing Machine Needles Appropriate to Fabric Type and Weight; Mettler Silk Finish Cotton Thread 50 Weight or Metrosene Polyester Thread 100 Weight.

Should you have any questions, at all, please don't hesitate to ask us! You will find our staff, our shop and our instruction exceptional, and are certain that you will have both an enjoyable experience and success in developing your creative sewing genius with us at Sewing Arts Center.
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