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Sewing Machine Service

OUR TECHIES: Our Service Technicians, Ted Lloyd and Michael Phillips, are authorized, trained professionals second to none in the sewing machine repair industry. We take great pride in the repair services provided by Ted and Michael, and truly appreciate the confidence you place in Sewing Arts Center and its stellar staff.

HOURS OF OPERATION: We are open seven days a week, 10 AM to 6:30 PM Monday through Thursday, 10 AM to 5 PM Friday through Sunday. You are welcome to bring your machine in at any time during the week. Service will be performed at our earliest opportunity. Though we cannot guarantee same day or next day service, in many cases, we are able to return your machine to you next day. We understand how frustrating it can be for you to be without your sewing machine, and we will make every effort to return your machine to you as quickly as possible. Feel free to give us a call at 310-450-4300 should you have any questions.

Labor costs vary depending upon the complexity of your sewing machine, and the extent of the service required to calibrate your sewing machine so that it is operating within the manufacturer's specifications. When you bring your machine in for service, the service technician or member of the sales staff will discuss the cost of service with you.

Prices quoted for service reflect labor only, and do not include parts, which are an additional charge. Please bear in mind that a cursory overview of your sewing machine by the sales clerk cannot determine whether additional fees and/or parts will be required, as it is not possible to determine externally to what extent internal damage may extend. Should additional service fees and/or parts be required for your sewing machine, you will be called prior to the performance of the service to confirm your consent. NO ADDITIONAL SERVICE WILL BE PERFORMED WITHOUT YOUR CONSENT. Should you choose not to have your machine serviced upon notification, your initial deposit will be returned, less a diagnostics fee.

WHAT IS A COA? COA is the sewing machine industry standard term for cleaning, oiling and adjusting a sewing machine. A normal COA includes the following: Clean internal mechanisms, lubricate all points internally, recalibrate and balance tensions, check and adjust motor belts, retime hook, retime feed, reset needle/hook relationship, reset feed height, reset feed stroke, check zigzag pendulum swing, service bobbin winder assembly, reset race clearances, inspect and polish needle plate and hook, check and balance forward and reverse feed, check buttonhole.

DEPOSIT: A deposit equal to the amount of the anticipated service fee is required at the intake of your sewing machine.

WARRANTY: All repairs are warranted for 90 days from the date of service. Though 99 of 100 sewing machines are repaired without incident, please be certain to sew with your sewing machine prior to the end of the warranty period, as no exceptions for reparations will be made beyond the initial 90-day warranty period.

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