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What To Look For In A Machine

Wed, February 8, 2012

Purchasing a new sewing machine is an investment in your creativity and your pocketbook. We've developed this brochure to assist you in making a confident and informed choice when you purchase your new equipment, and truly appreciate the opportunity to assist you with your sewing adventures.

There is a model of sewing machine for everyone and for every budget, ranging from $129 to $15000, believe it or not!

Whether just beginning to sew or sewing for years, before you set about looking at new sewing machines determine what kind of sewing you're interested in doing. Once you're clear about whether you want to quilt, construct apparel, make items for your home, assemble sails for your boat, or all of the above, you'll be ready to determine what features are important to you when making your sewing machine purchase.

What To Look For

When you begin looking for your new sewing machine, look for durability, usability and superb stitch quality.

  • Durable, because you don't want to replace a sewing machine every couple of years, unless you're trading up for more bells & whistles;
  • User-friendly, because if it doesn't make sense, you won't use it, no matter how much you spent;
  • Great stitch quality on all types and thicknesses of fabric, because you never know when you'll be sewing upholstery or charmeuse, and you want your new sewing machine to perform equally on all the fabric you put under its foot.

Asking Questions

Of course, ask lots of questions of the sales person! Consider some of the following:

  1. "What kind of sewing do you do?" Find out the sales person's sewing background because you want to purchase a sewing machine from someone with sewing experience. You'll be on your way to building a wonderful relationship with your sewing machine dealership if you are confident in the staff and that the staff is responding to your sewing needs when assisting you in your purchase of sewing equipment.
  2. "What are this machine's outstanding features? Why do you like this machine?" By asking these questions, you can find out whether or not your interests and the sales person's are in concert. You want to be sure you're looking at the right machine for you.
  3. "Show me the buttonhole!" Even if you never plan to sew a buttonhole, the making of it is one of the most difficult tasks for a machine to perform superbly. It will give you an idea of how well the machine will handle other tasks.
  4. "May I sew on the machine?" Actually don't ask this question – insist upon sitting down in front of the sewing machine and sewing on it – even if you're a beginner. If you can't sew on it, don't buy it. You wouldn't buy a car without driving it; don't buy a sewing machine without sewing on it. Ask to see how to thread the machine, how to wind and install the bobbin, how to adjust the thread tension and select the stitches, how to adjust the stitch length and width. Make sure the machine makes sense to you.
  5. "What accessories come with the machine? Are there other accessories available?" Machines generally come with all the accessories you need in order to utilize the features embedded in the machine. Many additional accessories are available, so, there's always the right tool for just the job you're looking to accomplish.
  6. "What is the warranty period? What does it cover? If I need service, where is it performed? Are your repair technicians authorized by the machine manufacturers to provide repair?
  7. "Do you offer machine instruction classes? When? Do you have a classroom on site? Do you offer any other sewing classes?"

Good luck with your research! We look forward to sharing in your creative sewing genius! And thanks again for the opportunity to share with you our passion for sewing! (So, are you ready to hear about needles and thread?)