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Home Decorating Arts HD101A - The Perfect Pillow

An enormously popular class at Sewing Arts, this hands-on course will provide you the perfect foundation for pillow construction.

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Home Decorating Arts HD101B - The Duvet

So, you were shopping and found the perfect duvet. And then you saw the price tag. And then you decided it wasn't really THAT perfect. And then you decided that you could probably make it. and with DIY all the rage, why not? Except that you've never made a duvet... Here's the perfect opportunity to learn the fundamentals to duvet construction with our newly revamped, renewed and revitalized HD101B lecture/demonstration.

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Home Decorating Arts HD101C - The Divine Drapery

You’ve often thought it would be the pinnacle of achievement to make your own draperies, but the idea of making them sends you running for the nearest home decorator store to purchase them because...well, it’s easier. But once again, you bought them, and they aren’t quite right...again. It’s time to run for the door but this time, head for Sewing Arts! This hands-on course will provide you the saavy on how to measure for draperies, how to cut the fabric, how to match fabric pattern repeats, and finally how to sew both lined and unlined, pinch-pleat and rod-pocket draperies. 1 Session. $89 includes kit. Supply list.

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Home Decorating Arts HD101D - Lavish Table Linens

You can have the finest china in the world, the most exquisite place settings and the most stunning stemware. But finding the perfect linens to complement your impeccable style can be daunting. So...make them!

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Home Decorating Arts HD101E - The Sumptuous Shade

Roman Shades are truly one of the most elegant and handsome window treatments. They can also be exquisitely expensive to have made. So, why not make them yourself? With a little vim, verve and the instruction you’ll receive in this hands-on class, you’ll have all the knowledge you need to replace those old sheets you’ve been using as window coverings with Roman shades you made yourself! 1 Session. $89, includes kit. Supply List.

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